The Seventh Cambridge-UTokyo Joint Symposium: Session 3 Biotechnology and Governance

As part of the 7th Cambridge - UTokyo Joint Symposium, in the panel session "Biotechnology" and "Governance", scholars from Cambridge and UTokyo will explore various aspects of introducing biotechnology into society.

Discussions include the governance of new and emerging biotechnology by Dr. Matsuo, CSER’s work on horizon-scanning and synthetic biology by Dr. Sundaram, global international processes related to biodiversity, land use over multiple generations, and the challenge of science-related policymaking by Dr. Kohsaka, and various possible future pathways of biosecurity governance by Dr. Hobson

About the Cambridge - UTokyo Joint Symposium 

The University of Cambridge and the University of Tokyo enjoy a long-term, cross-disciplinary partnership. An annual joint symposium has been organised since 2015 to promote academic links and collaborations.

This year marks the seventh of our joint symposia. It is entitled “Navigating Sustainable Development amid Uncertainty and Change” and we will focus on several topics that are of mutual interest to our two universities, and to share relevant research, promote links, and discuss collaboration opportunities. These areas also have great potential to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and the global public good.

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