Side Event - BWC Meeting of Experts

The Simon Institute for Longterm Governance is hosting an in-person lunch session on the topic of “long-term decision-making in the face of extreme biological risks”, complementing the BWC Meeting of Experts in Geneva, Switzerland. 

CSER's Lalitha Sundaram will be providing a primer on extreme biological risks.

Extreme biological risks - stemming from dual-use research of concern - pose significant threats to societies worldwide. While their likelihood is lower than that of natural pandemics, they are expected to be much deadlier. Their lack of precedent raises questions whether governments, international organizations and civil society are sufficiently aware to prevent an outbreak or mitigate its adverse consequences. Risk perception and preparedness decision-making are a function of individuals’ education, values, and cognition. How to support individuals in their evaluation of risks and decision-making?

Agenda 13:15-14:45 (12.15-13.45 BST)
13:15 - Welcome and introduction to the session - Nicolas Seidler, Executive Director, Geneva Science-Policy Interface (GSPI)
13:20 - Extreme biological risks: a Primer - Lalitha Sundaram, Postdoc, Centre for the Study of Existential Risks (CSER)
13:40 - The behavioral science of extreme risk decision-making - Maxime Stauffer, CEO, Simon Institute for Longterm Governance (SI); Science-policy officer, GSPI
14:00 - Interactive segment on risk prioritization and decision-making under uncertainty - Konrad Seifert, COO, SI
14:35 - Conclusion - Nicolas Seidler

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