Supporting the S20: Circular Economy

11 September 2020

One of the engagement groups which supports the G20 summit is the S20 - a team which works with national science academies around the world to foster official dialogue with the scientific community and to present policymakers with consensus-based recommendations that are relevant to scientists, policymakers, and society. 

Clarissa Rios Rojas joined this global effort in an advisory capacity focused on foresight policy recommendations. She participated in an S20 Webinar on The Role of Science and Community in the Circular Economy.

She also wrote a blog post for CSaP on her work, Exploring Policies for a Transition Towards a Circular Economy:

"The Circular Economy is one of the main topics at the Science 20 engagement group (S20) this year, and part of my contribution to the S20 has involved exploring various national and international efforts to improve resource utilization and waste reduction. So, what steps are being taken to develop policies which support a transition towards circularity?"

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