Book Review: Climate Justice: Integrating Economics and Philosophy

Published on 13 September 2019


Debates about justice are increasingly seen as vital to policy-making and international dialogue on climate change and how we should respond to it. While many disciplines have participated in these debates, philosophers and economists are often the most vocal. However, given the many historical disagreements between these disciplines this raises the question of whether we are fighting on the same team. This important volume of essays, edited by a philosopher and an economist who have contributed to both academic debates and real-world policy forums on climate change, argues that we are.

The editors take inspiration from their participation in the 2013 Mary Robinson Foundation’s international Dialogue on Climate Justice, which they argue ‘brought climate change and its development impact, including climate justice, centre stage in global discussions’. Their stated aim for this volume is to build on this progress and demonstrate what philosophy and economics can jointly contribute. Indeed, they contend that these may be the two most important academic disciplines, after the natural sciences, in determining how we should respond to climate change.

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