Submission of evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry on Tech and the future of UK Foreign Policy

Report by Tom Hobson, Brett Edwards
Published on 12 April 2022

CSER Researcher Tom Hobson worked in Collaboration with Brett Edwards from the University of Bath to produce an evidence submission covering the possibilities for holistic and robust technology assessment as a core component of the UK’s long term-foreign policy.


In this submission we:

  1. Introduce the contested concept of global technology assessment, as an increasingly important area of global policy relevant to UK interests. We argue that it would serve the UK’s current and longer-term foreign policy interests to more systematically monitor a) developments in science and technology b) evolving norms and practices in emerging technology governance globally; and to c) formulate clearer guiding principles on the UK’s foreign policy in this area.
  2. Argue that there is a need for a new focal point for a UK global technology assessment strategy. We highlight the need for a co-ordinating institution – which could play a pivotal role in linking up capacities domestically in the area of innovation strategy and governance, with the UK’s foreign policy agenda. This body could i) systematically track developments of relevance to UK foreign policy ii) support the development and evolution of a more explicit and consolidated policy on the issue of global technology assessment.

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