AI Governance Talks: Institutions

​Come discuss and learn about what international or national institutions might best govern frontier/advanced Artificial Intelligence. CERN? International Atomic Energy Agency? Or something different?

​We'll lots of drinks and snacks and time for networking.

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Lizi Zipser, Executive Director, Blue State
  • Haydn Belfield, Researcher, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
  • Harry Law, Ethics and Policy Researcher, GoogleDeepmind
  • Connor Axiotes, Strategic Communications Lead, Conjecture
  • Tom Westgarth, Senior Analyst, Tony Blair Institute
  • Lewis Ho, Longterm Strategy and Governance, GoogleDeepmind

Topics are on:

  • What we can learn from CERN and International Atomic Energy Agency
  • International development institutions for frontier AI
  • Movement building and civil society mobilisation to enact such policies like governing institutions

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