Visitors & Research Affiliates

We also have visiting and affiliate researcher programmes to help develop collaborative projects and bring external rigour and challenge to our work. If you would like to be a visitor or affiliate, you will need to develop a proposal with a member of CSER staff, who acts as a sponsor. These are considered by the Strategy Group and approved by the departmental management committee.

Visiting Researchers

Visiting Researchers join CSER to work on a project or programme of activities, enabling the centre to draw on specific expertise and providing the visitor with a supportive environment to deliver excellent research and explore new opportunities. They are hosted by a CSER researcher, who they are usually working with. Visits vary from a few days to several months in length, depending on the project requirements. Visitors may be entirely or partially self-funded. Support from CSER for travel, accommodation, library access and fees for desk space in the office is available. Student visitors are postgraduate students who have permission from their university to come to Cambridge for a period to enrich their studies and will not be formally supervised during their time here.

Research Affiliates

Research Affiliates are individuals recognised for their contribution to key areas of CSER research and are valuable allies in ensuring ambitious and high-quality research at the CSER. They also provide a link to key stakeholders, increasing the impact of CSER’s research in their discipline or outside academia. Affiliates keep in regular contact with CSER team members in relevant areas and are often developing ideas for collaborative projects. They have a budget of £250 to support for trips to Cambridge and events related to CSER’s work. Affiliate status is given for up to one year and is open for renewal in the case of continuing collaborations.

If you are interested in becoming a visitor or research affiliate and would like assistance in facilitating an initial conversation with a CSER researcher, please contact us at