Horizon Scan for Emerging Issues in Bioengineering (Invite only workshop)

This horizon-scanning exercise focused on identifying new and emerging issues in bioengineering. Using a structured process of soliciting input from a diverse range of people with experience in various issues around bioengineering (e.g. from industry, policy and research perspectives), the exercise aimed to gain a better understanding of risks and opportunities in the field.

The full process – led by CSER Research Associate Bonnie Wintle – took place over five months, including a workshop on 3rd November 2016. The exercise will result in a co-authored publication that outlines the top emerging issues.

This exercise was co-organised with Cambridge University’s Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative, and Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute.

The workshop was supported by grants from the Hauser-Raspe Foundation, and the Templeton World Charity Foundation – as part of the Managing Extreme Technological Risks programme.

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