Bringing States (and Science) to courts to address climate change: Grounds, opportunities and challenges - Pau de Vilchez Moragues

In the past two years, several lawsuits have been filed against governments around the world for their lack of an ambitious enough policy regarding climate change. In countries as different as the Netherlands, the US, Pakistan, Norway or New Zealand, citizens and NGOs are resorting to the judiciary to demand a more responsible climate policy and, so far, courts have been quite receptive of their claims.

 This represents an unexpected opportunity in the fight against global warming, yet, at the same time, poses some interesting and unavoidable questions and challenges both in terms of the traditional understanding of the separation of powers as well as for the crucial question of how to bring science to court and how to translate it into policy.

In this talk, Pau de Vílchez Moragues, Visiting researcher at CEENRG (Land Economy) will give an overview of those cases and suggest some avenues of reflection on the challenges they present.

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