Building societal preparedness for globally disruptive volcanic eruptions by Lara Mani

As we hit the halfway point of term CUSPE would like to invite you to its first lecture of the year on volcanoes, risk, and crisis management. The talk will be given by Lara Mani. 

Lara is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), where her research seeks to understand the efficacy of various communication methods and strategies for gaining traction for the mitigation and prevention of global catastrophic risks (GCRs). As part of the ‘A Science of Global Risk’ project, Lara seeks to provide empirical evidence to understand what communication methods, tools and messaging work to increase awareness of GCRs with policy makers, civil society, industry and publics. This research to date has adopted the use of role-playing games for increasing awareness for the importance of AI safety and ethics, and scenario-based exercises for exploring possible futures in biosecurity.

Lara’s background is in volcanic risk communication and establishing evidence-based practice for the education and communication of volcanic hazards, particularly within the Caribbean region. Her PhD explored the use of video games for volcanic hazard education and outreach programmes and most recently she has been working with partners in the Caribbean to evaluate the efficacy of the crisis communications campaigns during the 2020-2021 eruption of La Soufriere, St Vincent.

This talk will discuss the interaction between research and policy with regards to natural disasters and global catastrophes. 

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