Cambridge Zero Climate Change Festival 2021

Last November the University of Cambridge launched its first global festival, dedicated to raising awareness of climate change and decarbonisation through engagement between academic and broader communities. This year we will build on this achievement by focusing on the important work our communities are doing in the run-up to COP26, the United Nations international climate change conference taking place in Glasgow.

COP26 is a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change, bringing together leaders from across the world in an effort to reach agreement on how to limit global warming. This year's festival will demonstrate the work we are doing to raise ambition and catalyse action to help make COP26 a success.

CSER researcher Natalie Jones is speaking on panels "Can leaders turn Paris ambition into Glasgow action at COP26? Cambridge Talks" and "Cambridge Zero Research Symposium: Law & Policy" and Luke Kemp organising panel "Extreme Climate Risks: What Are the Worst-Case Scenarios"

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