Can National Governments tackle the climate emergency?

With the war in Ukraine, economic uncertainty, and the election of a new PM, both governmental climate actions and COP26 decisions seem to be on standby in the UK. In the USA, Biden’s global promises was slowed down by internal politics. Meanwhile, other countries across the globe are coping with the effects of the pandemic.

Is it too much to expect the governments to tackle the climate crisis as well as other emergencies? Can we afford to have the climate issues relegated down the agenda? In other words, is it possible that National Governments cannot tackle the climate emergency?

Join Cambridge Cleantech and Michael Page after the debate for drinks and light refreshments at the Library room and the Orator, the refurbished brasserie and bar.


  • Luke Kemp
    Researcher, University of Cambridge. Research interests: International relations, Environmental Policy, Existential Risk.
  • Andrew Dames
    Director at Cambridge Open Engineering, founding member of CamDEAG, and Tech entrepreneur.
  • Dr Charlie Gardner
    Conservation scientist. His work focuses on the interrelationships between the climate and ecological crises, and the role of scientists and citizens in catalysing the required societal changes.
  • Dr Chris Coleridge
    Management Practice Associate Professor at the Cambridge Judge Business School (JBS), and Founder & CEO of Carbon13.
  • Mayowa Ogunremi
    Investment Principal FORM VENTURES.
  • Cameron Ford
    Carpenter and activist.

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