Cascading Climate Risks

On 29th September, Ellen Quigley will be participating in a panel about climate risks.

Climate risk is not simply from hazards such as sea-level rise, heatwaves, and hurricanes. How societies respond to these impacts, or even climatic tipping points, will be critical. In this session we will explore potential tipping points in societal reactions: cascades of interacting risks resulting in financial crisis, conflict, political change, or a collapse in critical systems. A panel of international academic experts will discuss the latest scientific evidence on whether such risk cascades are plausible, how they could occur at different levels of warming, and how policymakers can prevent and respond to such extreme systemic risk.


  • Daniel Quiggin, Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House
  • Aled Jones, Director of the Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University
  • Ellen Quigley, Senior Research Associate, CSER, University of Cambridge
  • Ilona Otto, Professor in Societal Impacts of Climate Change, University of Graz

Co-curated by Erik Mackie and Luke Kemp

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