Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk 2020 – 2020 Hindsight: Our Final Century Revisited

The Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk '2020 Hindsight: Our Final Century Revisited’ (CCCR 2020) is our third major international conference. It follows our ‘CCCR’ conferences in 2016 and 2018.

The programme will draw on key themes from Lord Martin Rees’ seminal 2003 book Our Final Century, to reflect on the growth and development of the field of global catastrophic risk research over the last decades. CCCR2020 is one of the few forums in the world discussing such issues, and we intend the conference to contribute to the further development of the community working on global risks, and its engagement with other relevant groups.

Sessions will include:

  1. Pre-2000: What global catastrophic risk researchers can learn from the history of global catastrophic risk.
  2. 50/50: Assessing the chances of a global catastrophe.
  3. Are we nearly there yet? Taking the long and longer-term view of humanity.
  4. Global justice and global catastrophic risk: Between error and terror.
  5. Threats without enemies: natural global disasters and their consequences.
  6. Governing science: Does it matter who is doing our scientific research and why?
  7. Global catastrophic environmental risks: systemic collapse from anthropogenic environmental change.

We are excited about presenting the conference online and our aim remains to keep collaboration and exchange at the heart. The keynote will be by Lord Martin Rees and there will be a range of opportunities for networking and debate. Please note that while we have moved the conference to an online format, it remains invite-only – we will be keeping participant numbers limited in order to maintain an environment conducive to discussion and networking.

Conference presentations, videos and discussion will be available online following the event. Please sign up to the CSER newsletter to be alerted when this content is made available.

The Conference contributes to the activities of the CSER’s A Science of Global Risk project, the project and conference were made possible through the support of a grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. 

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