Creating realities: perspectives on world building


  • Lawrence Grabowski
  • Lara Mani
  • Melanie Smith
  • Sam Sully

Our first panel features experts that meet at the intersections of novel technology, arts, and research in world building, and together we’ll think about what creative possibilities emerge through the art of shaping shared realities and experiences.

What is Creative Cambridge?

Cambridge Enterprise's annual conference returns for 2024 where they'll be exploring collaboration and innovation between university research and the creative and cultural industries.

The city of Cambridge has a worldwide reputation for its contribution to the creative industries, especially innovations in gaming technology. Despite this richness, it can be hard for individuals to navigate the networks and support services which span the universities and local creative networks, perhaps especially for freelancers and micro-companies, new start-ups, and for individual academics or students.

The aim of Creative Cambridge is to support this community, sharing information and making visible experts and practitioners who are open to collaboration and conversation.

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