CUSPE: AI Safety and Policy Workshop

Join CUSPE for a workshop and discussion on current problems, views and topics in AI Safety and Policy.

Governments across the globe and the private sector are strongly investing in AI research and development of roadmaps to shape our technological futures. The fast-paced nature of this field of research prompts many questions regarding AI safety:
Is enough being done to mitigate the forecasted risks of AI?
Can policy keep up with the break-neck pace of this technology's development?
Join CUSPE for our upcoming AI Safety and Policy workshop if you are interested in hearing two experts discuss these issues. The workshop will be led by Dr David Leslie - AI Ethics Research Lead at the Alan Turing Institute - and Dr Haydn Belfield - AI security risk Research Associate and Project Manager at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER). The workshop will cover topics in AI alignment, ethics, safety and governance, focusing on how policies designed by governments and research institutes alike can affect these themes.

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