Decision Theory & the Future of Artificial Intelligence (registration required)

There is increasing interest in the challenges of ensuring that the long-term development of artificial intelligence (AI) is safe and beneficial. Moreover, despite different perspectives, there is much common ground between mathematical and philosophical decision theory, on the one hand, and AI, on the other. The aim of this workshop – intended to be the first in a regular series organised jointly by MCMP at LMU and CFI and CSER at Cambridge – is to bring the expertise of decision theory to bear on the challenges of the beneficial development of AI, by fostering links and joint research at the nexus between decision theory and AI. The inaugural workshop will aim at community building and road-mapping, and identify useful research programs at the intersection of these two fields.

Please register on the workshop’s website (registration is now closed)

This workshop was made possible by the generous support of the Templeton World Charity Foundation and the Hauser-Raspe Foundation

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