Dublin Tech Summit

Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is a two-day conference that sits at the heart of the international tech scene. As one of the world’s most active technology hubs, Dublin has become the EMEA base for some of the biggest global tech companies and over the last 6 years DTS has emerged as one of Europe’s fastest growing B2B tech events.

Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh will be speaking on a panel titled "Algorithms Against Humanity".

If we've learned anything over the past two decades, it's that tech innovators don't always foresee the consequences of their creations. Social media, for example, have gone from being a harmless way to stay in touch with friends to an enabler of toxic misinformation and even genocide. Now GPT-4, DALL-E and other AI technologies have the potential to make social media seem like childsplay. How much should the users and builders and regulators seek to align AI with human well-being? Is that even possible?

Seán will also be talking with Eric Schurenberg on the podcast "In Reality, the podcast about truth, disinformation and the media".

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