Responsibility and Inequality in a Risky World w/ Prof Heather Douglas

This event was part of the Hauser-Raspe Visiting Expert Programme.

We live in a world full of emerging risk.  We generate new capacities with the potential to reorder our world and we discover new risks from old practices. What responsibilities come with doing this work? How should we manage the attendant risks?  I will describe the nature and boundaries of responsibility for the new in a risky world, and I will argue  that the responsibility to think through the risks that come with our knowledge production can never be fully removed from the experts doing that work, even if such responsibility can (and in many cases should) be shared.  Further, the responsibility to work to avoid existential risks should make the fight for social justice and against inequality central to decisions about how to pursue projects.  I will describe why tackling inequality is required, particularly as technological capacities increase.

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