Inter-disciplinary Exploration Into How We Think About Global Risk Workshop (Invitation Only)

Paul Ingram and visitor Sarah Woods are hosting a workshop to explore tools that take a whole systems approach to the global risks we face. 20th century linear, mechanistic thinking is failing us as a diverse set of interconnected hazards overwhelm our institutions and approaches. Using creative systems tools, we’ll look at the narratives that support existing approaches and explore how we might develop new ones.

Joined by a wide-ranging multi-disciplinary group of experts, thinkers and artists to join us, we’ll take as our starting point the idea that we need to change how we think as much as what we think.

People & Patterns: Transforming the ways we think and connect when everything is at risk

We need to develop processes that radically change the ways we think, not just what we think. Increasing our inner ability to handle complexity and operate inclusively with a wide variety of perspectives, including those we may disagree with, will have the deepest causal impact on reducing the threats our societies are wrestling with.

Using a variety of tools to describe the dysfunctions behind the hazards that drive existential risk, this project will draw diverse people into co-creative processes, including workshops, live narratives, dialogues and online platforms. We will explore and develop effective ways to empower and energise people’s commitment to working together with complexity, imagining diverse futures that hold positive promise as well as those with sobering warnings.

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