International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis: Taking a systems approach to improving chances of survival

Paul Ingram will present at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis about taking a systems approach to improving chances of survival when powerful actors pursue their own interests and threaten annihilation. 

The Stepping Stones Approach to Nuclear Disarmament evolved in response to a failure of international efforts to drive forward the global disarmament agenda, with heavy blame on the five nuclear weapon states. In contrast to most political and diplomatic approaches, it attempts to take a systems approach in recognising the plurality of views, the established and entrenched political and security practices of states, and the notion that powerful actors cannot be forced or pressured to change if they see that change to be contrary to their vital interests. This
presentation will outline the approach and its justification, its record in the nuclear weapon arena, and how it might be used generally in matters related to X-risk.

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