IPPR Workshop - Day 1

CSER co-hosted a remote workshop with IPPR to explore implications of destabilisation resulting from environmental breakdown for efforts to realise more sustainable, equitable, resilient societies. 

This workshop was part of a major research programme led by IPPR which seeks to understand the implications of environmental breakdown for policy and politics.

  • The first session used the findings of the final report of the IPPR project as a basis to explore the growing implications of environmental breakdown over the coming years. Attendees participated in an interactive foresight exercise run by CSER, which explored perceptions of how this destabilisation could play out and what its consequences could be.
  • The second session used the outcome of the exercise and discussion in the first session to work back from potential futures to ascertain what actions could be taken now and into the future to ensure efforts to realise more sustainable, equitable and resilient societies are robust to the dynamic changes resulting from environmental breakdown and other factors.

The primary objectives of the workshop are twofold: to draw on the expertise and creative thinking of attendees to develop understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing those seeking more sustainable, equitable and resilient societies in a more environmentally destabilised future; and, as a result, to support the develop of forward-looking strategies in the attendees’ work.

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