Non-autonomous Dynamics in Complex Systems: Theory and Applications to Critical Transitions

This workshop and seminar, held by the Max Planck Institute, aims to bring together scientists from various disciplines of the natural and physical sciences, particularly from research areas dealing with complex systems and applications to aspects of earth system science, biosciences and network dynamics. The workshop will focus on mathematical approaches, methodologies and applications where non-autonomous, multiple timescale and transient dynamics are important to understand and predict nonlinear behaviour such as critical transitions in complex systems.

Both Sabin Roman and Constantin Arnscheidt from CSER will be speaking.

  • Tuesday 17th October, 12.10-12.30: Sabin Roman: Global history, the emergence of chaos and inducing sustainability in networks of socio-ecological systems
  • Friday 20th October, 11.50-12.10: Constantin Arnscheidt: Rate-induced tipping and global catastrophic risk

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