Scenarios Workshop (Closed Event)

On 1st and 2nd March, Lara Mani will be hosting a virtual workshop titled "Scenarios as tools for exploring and communicating high-impact low-probability risks".

How does the range of scenario exercises compare and contrast in terms of their aims, formats, outputs, and impacts? What approaches work well for futures exploration for risk reduction and for preparedness planning? What are their limitations? How can we use the outputs of our scenarios to maximise constructive impact? This workshop aims to bring together practitioners applying scenario exercises in their work, from a range of disciplines including disaster risk reduction, planetary defence, biosecurity, artificial intelligence, and nuclear risk. The principal aim of the workshop is to provide a space to facilitate knowledge exchange between practitioners across disciplines. We hope to create a series of recommendations and suggestions for ‘what works’ for successful futures exploration, applied to HILP risks, and to establish how we can advance the outputs of scenarios to impact.

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