Ways forward to weather compounding and cascading climate-security risks

As the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are teaching us, we live in a world hit by multiple interconnected risks and crises. Climate change adds another layer of complexity to this rapidly changing risk landscape. Climate risks are prevalent all over the world and cascade across different sectors and regions, making them extremely difficult to anticipate and manage. In interaction with other social, political and environmental shocks, they can lead to compound disasters. While such cascading and compounding risks are becoming more likely due to climate change, they are still under researched. A number of respected scientists, including from PIK, made a plea for increasingly placing these topics onto the scientific agenda to be prepared for a possible "climate endgame" (Kemp et a. 2022).

Discussion questions include:

What do we thus far know about compounding and cascading risks from climate change and what priorities emerge for scientific work? To what extent do these risks require new approaches towards conflict risk management? And how to place this topic more prominently on the scientific and political agendas to prepare for such worst-case scenarios? 

The panel is directed at scientists, policymakers, and practitioners. The goal is to facilitate discussion among experts to pave the way towards a policy-relevant scientific agenda that addresses compounding and cascading risks of climate change. 


  • Dhesigen Naidoo, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Security Studies
  • Dr. Franziska Gaupp, Senior Guest Researcher, PIK
  • Dr. Luke Kemp, University of Cambridge
  • Prof. Nina von Uexkull, Uppsala University Sweden, PRIO 
  • Moderated by Dr. Barbora Šedová, PIK

Part of the Berline Climate and Security Conference 2022

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