The Wilberforce Society 2016 Conference

CSER co-sponsored and co-organised the 2016 Wilberforce Society Conference, which was on the subject of ‘Technology: Challenging and Changing the State?’

Read more on the 2016 Conference website.


9:45 Welcome and registration

10:00 Session 1 – E-Democracy (?)

11:30 Short Break

11:40 Session 2 – Artificial Intelligence

13:10 Lunch Break

2:15 Session 3 – New Media and the State

3:45 Short Break

4:00 Session 4 – Technological Unemployment

 5:00 End

Speakers included:

– Demis Hassabis, renowned researcher in AI, neuroscientist, world-class game designer, and visiting scientist at MIT and Harvard, VP of Engineering at Google

– Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of Ethical Advisory Panel at Lucid AI

– Dr Fumiya Lida, lecturer in mechatronics at the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, Cambridge University Engineering Department

– Charlotte Holloway, Head of Policy and Associate Director at TechUK

– Dr Graeme Philp, Chief Executive of GAMBICA, a technology industry trade association

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