Clarissa Rios Rojas presented at the UN Global Platform for Distaster Risk Reduction Conference

30 June 2022

On 25th May, Clarissa Rios Rojas presented "Building a science-policy interface to tackle the global governance of global catastrophic and existential risks" at the UN Global Platform for Distaster Risk Reduction Conference. 

The presentation was a direct invitation to participants to join the science-policy interface expert group that is tackling the global governance of Global Catastrophic Risks. These types of risks are low probability/high impact events that can bring humanity to collapse and they are also defined as events where more than 10% of the human population is lost (misaligned AI, nuclear winter, super-volcanic eruptions, extreme consequences of climate change, among others). The group's mission is to build an expert network that is capable of effectively working to support the global governance of GCR by the use of scientific evidence and diplomacy.


Watch the pre-recording below:

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