CSER extends MoU with Kyoto University's GSAIS

18 January 2023

From left: Jess Bland, Professor Yamashiki, and Lord Martin Rees

On 17th January 2023, Professor Yamashiki and student Kiana Tomita visited CSER to extend our memorandum of understanding on an academic partnership with Kyoto University's Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability (GSAIS).

Professor Yamashiki also presented the paper, 'Prioritization of Different Kinds of Natural Disasters and Low-Probability, High-Consequence Events - how to prioritize space based disaster at our “Space Age” and establish “Three-core” concept.' to the CSER team.

CSER has been collaborating with GSAIS since 2016, when GSAIS invited two CSER representatives to its annual international symposium, focused on the risks posed by extreme natural disasters. CSER held its first symposium at Cambridge in the following month, with a presentation by Professor Isobe on the emerging risks of extreme solar storms. In 2018, Professor Yamashiki visited CSER to sign the partnership MoU, under which the two institutions will collaborate on projects such as studies of extreme solar storms and joint workshops on existential risks.

With the extension of the MOU, CSER hopes to work with GSAIS on cascading natural risks, community responses and the role of space technology in mitigating risk. This will start with a visiting researcher scheme and collaborative events.Kyoto2 From left: Kiana Tomita, Jess Bland, Professor Yamashiki, Lord Martin Rees and Dr Weitzdörfer

October 2017: Lord Rees and Dr Weitzdörfer in Japan

February 2018: CSER signs MoU with Kyoto University's GSAIS

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