CSER Report January - March 2022

30 June 2022

This report covers the period January - March 2022 and outlines our activities and future plans. Highlights of the last three months include:

  • Publishing five papers, including one in Nature Machine Intelligence, and four reports, including one in partnership with the World Health Organization, covering public health, planetary defence, global justice, the philosophy of Derek Parfit, AI in agriculture, AI risk management, the UK’s national resilience strategy, future threats to global health, and biosafety.
  • Hosting high profile public lectures with Andrew Leigh, Mark Lynas, and Paul and Scott Slovic, as well as interdisciplinary workshops on scenarios for exploring and communicating extreme risks and future risks from the military applications of AI.
  • Our researchers presenting at workshops, conferences, and talks hosted by, among others, the Center for War Studies, Oxford Earth Sciences, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Brunel University, and the Centre of Excellence for Development, Impact, and Learning.
  • Our work being featured by the BBC, Al Jazeera, The TelegraphChannel 4, and other leading media outlets - including timely reaction and analysis around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by our new Academic Programme Manager, Paul Ingram, who has been able to make use of his extensive knowledge and contact network in international security and disarmament.
  • Welcoming a new PA and administrative assistant to support the work of our sustainable finance team and three new visitors working on x-risk communication, complex systems, and volcano risk.

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