CSER team away-day

11 July 2017

Research Associate Simon Beard presents to the team.

The CSER team had a team ‘away-day’ on Monday 10th July to reflect on the previous year-and-a-half of operation and plan for the next year-and-a-half. We discussed what we do well and where we can improve; plans for several collaborative, interdisciplinary, papers; how to prioritise between the opportunities we have as a Centre; and what the next ‘phase’ of CSER should look like.


Research Affiliate Martina Kunz makes a point, alongside Catherine Rhodes, Lalitha Sundaram, Julius Weitzdörfer, Yang Liu and Jens Steffensen.

Shahar Avin, Ellen Quigley, Haydn Belfield, Jens Steffensen and Tatsuya Amano listen to Academic Director Huw Price.


The CSER team includes (L-R) Gorm Shackelford, Tatsuya Amano, Adrian Currie, Catherine Rhodes, Yang Liu, Simon Beard, Nikita Chiu, Martin Rees, Lalitha Sundaram, Haydn Belfield, Shahar Avin, Martina Kunz, Julius Weitzdörfer and Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh (to say nothing of the dog).

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