How would humans react to nuclear catastrophe?

19 June 2024
by Adam Thomson, Paul Ingram

Adam Thomson, Director of the European Leadership Network (ELN), and CSER Research affiliate Paul Ingram wrote a comment piece for the European Leadership Network about how humans would react to nuclear catastrophe. 

"The cascading damage to human relations - social, economic, and political - could be just as destructive as the physical consequences. These social, economic, and political factors have barely begun to feature in the research, and (with some exceptions) there is little planning within governments for the aftermath of a nuclear exchange.
We can guess that in the face of extreme hardship, there would be heroism, compassion, inventiveness, and efforts at recovery. We can hope that there might be statesmanship and collaboration. But there would also be anarchy and chaos, driven by fear, misinformation, and tribalism."

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