Science 20 Report: 'Foresight: Science for Navigating Critical Transitions'

20 January 2021

CSER supported the work of the Science 20 (S20) at the G20 by collaborating in the production of the report 'Foresight: Science for Navigating Critical Transitions’

“This Report of the G20 Science Engagement group (S20) is a call to action. The world faces impending disruptions due to the 21st century’s unprecedented, highly complex, and interconnected global systems. These systems have improved the human condition in many respects, but they have also revealed transnational fragility: the economic, health, and political disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic is an active example. This report is, therefore, founded on the modern truth that we must start analyzing our global systems in their entirety because the systems are too complex and interconnected to analyze from a single viewpoint. The pathway to better government, policy, and action is a process built on a whole-system approach that advances our capacity for Foresight, preparing us to solve or avoid future global disruptions. 
The analysis in this Report represents a transformational international vision. Support for increased collaboration among G20 nations and the establishment of a Scientific Foresight hub, as an independent institution serving the public good across nations and cultures, is an achievable goal through a sincere commitment to leadership. We are at a unique point of action; a tipping point where future generations could see a decision to take this path as a wise and providential step forward.”

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