Charles Kennel, Stephen Briggs Public Lecture - Planetary Vital Signs

Video by Charles Kennel, Stephen Briggs
Published on 14 March 2016

The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk’s February 2016 Lecture, with Professors Charles Kennel and Stephen Briggs.

Professor Charles Kennel highlights the importance of acknowledging that climate change is not only measurable and noticeable by looking at global temperature, but that assessing a set of planetary vital signs plays a crucial role as well. By relying too much on one indicator, we risk that we over focus on it.

Are there possibilities to use the tools at hand – such as observations from space and ground networks; demographic, economic and societal measures; big data statistical techniques; and numerical models – to inform politicians, managers, and the public of the evolving risks of climate change at global, regional, and local scales? Professor Kennel is joined by Professor Stephen Briggs who gives an analysis on planetary vital signs.

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