Communicating in Crisis: Community Practices of Online Participation During Extreme Events in Climate Disaster Preparedness

Book by Sora Park, Susan Atkinson, Janet Fulton, Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Lara Mani
Published on 03 May 2024

This chapter surveys research into the communication among community members affected by extreme events with digital platforms such as social media and messaging apps before, during and after the events. While there is extant literature on how people adopt effective strategies in sharing real-time information during a major crisis, fewer studies examine the entirety of the process, particularly around preparing communities and individuals, and even fewer focus on how community members seek and share social support. This chapter examines both aspects of digital communication—emotive and informative—to better understand the role digital platforms can play in extreme events in supporting more effective responses. It also identifies gaps in the literature on the role of social media in preparing individuals and communities for catastrophic climate events.

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