The findings of an empirical study of the application of criminal law in non-terrorist disasters and tragedies

Peer-reviewed paper by Denis Binder
Published on 22 February 2018


  • 48 Criminal prosecutions were brought in non-terrorist disasters and tragedies prior to 2000. 152 have occurred as of September 2016 in the New Millennium.
  • Over 60% of the New Millennium cases are in Asia and the Pacific Islands, with India and China in the vanguard.
  • The cases arise in both civil law and common law jurisdictions.
  • Most cases involve structural problems and maritime accidents.
  • Many include government officials among the defendants.

This paper was published in a Special Issue of Futures edited by Dr Adrian Currie, which collected many papers which were originally presented at our first 2016 Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk in 2016.

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