From Here to Infinity: A Vision for the Future of Science

Published on 28 April 2011


In this book the Astronomer Royal, Professor Martin Rees, shows how important science will be to the global economies of the 21st century, to solving some of our apparently intractable problems and to understanding the risks that the world faces.

Science is often seen as difficult or obscure, but we can all understand it and participate in the great debates that should concern us all whether they are about swine flu, global warming, oil running out, or even space travel.

Martin Rees shows the pleasures and importance of science, warns all of us (including governments intent on cutting funding) why we must take science deadly seriously and why it apart from everything else it is so satisfying - one of humankind's greatest achievements.

It is based on his BBC Radio 4 Reith Lectures, given in 2010.

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