Infographic: Nuclear Weapons

Published on 07 March 2023
Infographic Nuclear

We are approaching our ninth decade under the shadow of nuclear war. There remains much to be understood about our management of the risks and the consequences should we fail. The war in Ukraine has led to a spike in nuclear risk and growing concerns about nuclear deterrence, even as public support in Europe has strengthened. We have been:

  • Looking at the public awareness of global climatic impacts of nuclear use, and whether such awareness affects support for nuclear retaliation;
  • involved in dialogue with people close to the conflicting parties, and discussion in the media, about how best to manage nuclear and strategic risks;
  • considering the links between geo-political competition, emerging disruptive technologies and cascade impacts as stresses increase on global systems; and
  • developing international dialogue within nuclear disarmament diplomacy, building further upon the Stepping Stones Approach developed by CSER researcher Paul Ingram.

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