Peru remains in lockdown, But promise of vaccine brings hope

Published on 19 September 2020


It has been six months since Peru was hit with its first case of the COVID-19 virus. By 2 September, 3,156,679 people had been tested, with 639,435 positive results and 28,607 deaths. These appalling numbers have impacted the country at its core and have pushed for new economic and social regulations and a ‘new normal.

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Published in the Observer Research Foundation (India) special edition ‘Rebooting the world: six months of Covid19’. 

This series brings together essays from countries worst hit by the pandemic. They showcase how governments, societies and businesses have tried to adapt to the 'new normal' using all available tools and strategies, including contact tracing apps and social distancing measures. As we look back at the last six months of the COVID-19 pandemic, these essays will highlight the cross-learnings on the management of the pandemic and the solutions that have been found to mitigate the crisis.

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