Special Issue: Existential risk to humanity

Peer-reviewed paper by Olle Häggström, Catherine Rhodes
Published on 11 March 2019

Olle Häggström and Catherine Rhodes edited a Special Issue of Foresight on 'Existential risk to humanity' featuring the following 10 papers:

  • Facing disaster: the great challenges framework - Phil Torres
  • Complexity, creeping normalcy and conceit: sexy and unsexy catastrophic risks - Karin Kuhlemann
  • Long-term trajectories of human civilization - Seth D. Baum , Stuart Armstrong , Timoteus Ekenstedt , Olle Häggström , Robin Hanson , Karin Kuhlemann , Matthijs M. Maas , James D. Miller , Markus Salmela , Anders Sandberg , Kaj Sotala , Phil Torres , Alexey Turchin , Roman V. Yampolskiy
  • There is plenty of time at the bottom: the economics, risk and ethics of time compression - Anders Sandberg
  • Islands as refuges for surviving global catastrophes - Alexey Turchin , Brian Patrick Green
  • Food without sun: price and life-saving potential - David Denkenberger , Joshua Pearce , Andrew Ray Taylor , Ryan Black
  • When two existential risks are better than one - James Daniel Miller
  • Predicting future AI failures from historic examples - Roman V. Yampolskiy
  • Challenges to the Omohundro–Bostrom framework for AI motivations - Olle Häggström
  • The intelligence explosion revisited - Karim Jebari, Joakim Lundborg

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