Belinda Cleeland

Member of CSER Advisory Board

Belinda is the Director of Policy at the Simon Institute for Longterm Governance (SI), a Geneva-based think tank that works to mitigate global catastrophic risks. At SI, she leads the content team to synthesize research and develop policy recommendations for the multilateral system to ensure the safe development of transformative technologies.

Originally from Australia, Belinda has 15 years of experience working in the international sector in Geneva. Prior to joining SI, she was the Head of Research and Innovation at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), leading ISO’s foresight efforts to identify future opportunities for standardization, and its research efforts to better understand the impacts of international standards. She also has experience working in risk governance through her time at the International Risk Governance Council, a science-based think tank developing frameworks for improving global governance of risk, identifying and making sense of emerging or systemic risk issues, and providing risk governance policy advice for decision-makers. 

Belinda holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Graduate Institute, Geneva, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with Honors (Political Science and French) and a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Genetics) from the University of Melbourne, Australia. 

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