Decision Theory & the Future of Artificial Intelligence III (Invite only)

The third workshop in a series bringing together philosophers, decision theorists, and AI researchers to promote research at the nexus of decision theory and AI. Co-organised with the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. See 2018 and 2017 workshops.


David Danks (CMU)
Tom Dietterich (Oregon State)
Branden Fitelson (Northeastern)
Finnian Lattimore (Gradient Institute)
Anna Mahtani (LSE)
Jim Joyce (Michigan)
Johanna Thoma (LSE)
Toby Walsh (UNSW)
Annette Zimmermann (Princeton)


Seth Lazar (ANU)
Alan Hájek (ANU)
Stephan Hartmann (LMU Munich)
Yang Liu (Cambridge)
Huw Price (Cambridge)

Local contacts:

Mario Günther (ANU)
Chad Lee-Stronach (ANU)

External website

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