Astronomer Royal: If we find aliens, they will be machines

06 June 2015
by Sarah Knapton

Prof Lord Rees told the Cheltenham Science Festival the first contact with aliens will be through robots.

Alien contact is likely to come from machines living on other worlds outside of the solar system, the astronomer royal Martin Rees has said.

Prof Lord Rees, 72, told the Cheltenham Science Festival ‘I’m not holding my breath’ for signs of extraterrestrial life, but said if a signal was picked up it would not be from organic life, like humans.

He said that most space exploration would be carried out by machines, which would not constrained by the physical difficulties of existing in space or on other planets.

“I think it is quite likely that within a few centuries the overriding intelligence will be machines because they will have an easier time spreading beyond the Earth because they are not organic and most exploration will be by machines and not humans,” he said.

“If you were to detect a SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) signal it would be far more likely that it would be from a machine and not an organic creature.

“There has been just a thin sliver of time when organic beings have existed and billions of years after machines will take over, so they will be the future.”

Prof Rees said that only a few adventurous humans would ever leave Earth to colonise the solar system, where they would be forced to use technology to adapt to inhabitable worlds and start new civilisations.

He claimed that such cyber adaptations to new planets or moons would mark the start of the ‘post-human era.’

Space Adventures Ltd is already planning the first tourist trips to the dark side of the Moon, while SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk which regularly delivers payloads to the International Space Station, is hoping to start transporting tourists as well as cargo into space in the near future.

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