The Bulletin names Haydn Belfield and Christian Ruhl 2022 Leonard M. Rieser Award recipients

15 December 2022
by Haydn Belfield, Christian Ruhl

The Bulletin has announced Haydn Belfield and Christian Ruhl as the 2022 recipients of the Leonard M. Rieser award for their July 14, 2022 article, “Why policy makers should beware claims of new ‘arms races".

“Via insightful analyses of unfortunate historical arms races, Haydn Belfield and Christian Ruhl make a compelling argument against repetition of the costly and dangerous reactions to supposed international threats that have unfortunately afflicted US defense policy for decades,” Bulletin editor-in-chief John Mecklin said. “While calling for more thoughtful US responses to global competition in artificial intelligence, hypersonic weapons, information technology, and other realms, Belfield and Ruhl acknowledge that ‘[n]ot all ‘sprints’ for new military technologies are mistaken, and not all mistaken sprints are suboptimal or dangerous.’ In so doing, they exhibit exactly the type of sophisticated, reality-based thinking and elegantly balanced writing that the Rieser Award is designed to honor.”

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