Clarissa Rios Rojas selected to advise UN and WEF

23 September 2020

Clarissa Rios Rojas was selected to be part of the ISC-UNDRR Expert Review Group, and a Fellow at the Global Future Council on Frontier Risks.

The ISC-UNDRR Expert Review Group supports the International Science Council (ISC) and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) preparation of the new international Disaster Risk Reduction research agenda 2021-2030 and beyond. 

The Council on Frontier Risks advises the World Economic Forum in relation to key global risks that must be better addressed and factored into future preparedness. Key themes to address include gaining a better understanding of interconnections and cascading effects of potentially global disruptions, uncovering blind spots, enhancing preparedness and resilience for the future and examining the implications of frontier risks. The council will creatively explore probable risks and plausible scenarios, captured in relevant products such as insight papers or expert videos, to enable better foresight and pre-emptive action. The council will develop new thinking and influence change and action through the Forum’s Global Risks Practice and help shape key inputs for the Forum’s Great Reset initiative.

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