Contribute to an existential risk bibliography

25 October 2017

Contribute to an existential risk bibliography and semi-automated system for finding publications. The Existential Risk Research Assessment (TERRA) is a project led by CSER Research Associate Gorm Shackelford.

The problem: an overwhelming volume of research
An overwhelming volume of research has been published, and more is being published all the time. It is taking an increasingly long time to find all of the publications that are relevant to our research. We need new methods of efficiently searching for relevant publications, and we need these methods to be systematic, to minimize bias in the publications that we read and the conclusions that we reach1.

The solution: a semi-automated system for finding relevant research
This system uses volunteers from The Existential Risk Research Network to identify a subset of relevant publications from a set of search results, and then it uses machine learning to identify similar publications in an automated and regularly-scheduled search for publications. It is a "recommender system". This will create a bibliography of papers relevant to existential risk that can be an evidence base for the field as a whole.


We need to classify a database of 8590 papers as relevant to existential risk or not. If you’re interested in contributing, go to the site, register, log in, read the methodology, and get classifying!

Start classifying

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