Dr Simon Beard - a New Generation Thinker

21 March 2017

On the 16th of March 2017 the AHRC and BBC Radio 3 announced the ten academics at the start of their career whose research will be made into radio and television programmes for the BBC – the New Generation Thinkers.

CSER is proud to announce that Dr Simon Beard, one of our philosophers, has been selected to participate among hundreds of applications from early career academics. The final 10 ‘New Generation Thinkers’ were selected following a four-month process involving a series of day-long workshops at the BBC in Salford and London.

Prof Andrew Thompson, Chief Executive of the AHRC, says:” This scheme is all about helping the next generation of academics to find new and wider audiences for the research by giving them a platform to share ideas and allowing them to have the space to challenge our thinking. More than ever we need the new insights and knowledge that come from arts and humanities researchers to help us to navigate through the complexities of our globalized world and address the moral and ethical challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Dr Simon Beard will explore the ethical challenge of ensuring the long-term future of humanity. He has written on topics including population ethics, disability rights, assisted dying, imprisoned mothers, equal marriage, global justice and the meaning of life. He is currently fascinated by the question of when does morality require us to act straight away and when are we justified in waiting until tomorrow.

Read the full press release from BBC

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