Engagement with policy-makers and industry-leaders

18 December 2018

CSER researchers engaged with policy-makers and industry-leaders at several invite-only events:

  • Modern deterrence: what does the combination of nuclear, BCW, cyber and AI mean for the evolution of western deterrence against state and non-state actors? Overview. Organised by Ditchley Park, which was founded in 1958 to bring together high-level decision-makers and experts.
  • Powerful actor, high impact bio-threats.  Overview. Organised by Wilton Park, it brought together 42 senior policy leaders and scientific and technical experts in science, engineering, bio-defence and bio-security, science policy, public health, infectious diseases, and catastrophic risks.
  • 2nd All Partners Meeting of the Partnership on AI. Overview. Representatives from the 80+ member organizations of the Partnership on AI– for-profit companies, civil society organizations, academic institutions, and advocacy groups – reflected on 2018 progress, and planned for the future.
  • United Nations negotiations on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) at the 2018 Meeting of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). Final report.
  • 2018 Meeting of the United Nations Biological Weapons Convention. Final report.
  • Several private events in China

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