Lauren Holt

Research Affiliate & Former Research Associate

Lauren was part of the bio-risk focus area of CSER, covering topics as diverse as bioweapons to food security. Initially, she worked on how chronic diseases (including those that are communicable) can represent an understudied source of catastrophic risk, a topic that is ever more prescient post COVID-19. She moved into studying how ecological collapse and climate change may represent this century’s defining existential threat, and how the challenges they pose may interact with society and new technology. She has a background in Zoology and a PhD in Sociobiology, as well as experience in translating scientific and philosophical concepts into art installations and interdisciplinary events. She has a passion for the art and science of communicating big ideas and is working on a speculative fiction novel exploring the field of existential risk. Lauren held a 2-year grant with the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation (VKRF) working on investigating and constructing ecological narratives.

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