Paul Ingram responds to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

28 February 2022

In an article for METRO, CSER's academic programme manager Paul Ingram offers a perspective on the Ukraine conflict and its relation to existential risk. He describes how the conflict should change our understanding of Russia's global position and calls for radical changes to the way we collectively engage in international politics.

"We do our best to engage with those with the influence to make the changes necessary for human survival.  It involves a great deal of uncertainty. We stare collapse in the face, and it can often be overwhelming. But we never lose hope."

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Further media coverage from Paul Ingram regarding the Ukraine War:

  • Paul Ingram appeared on the Channel Four documentary, ‘What if Putin Goes Nuclear…?’, an assessment from Jon Snow on the possibility that President Putin could use a nuclear weapon. 
  • On GB TV, ‘The Discussion’, Paul Ingram talked about the morality and effectiveness of military intervention in the Ukraine war, and the morality of risk, avoiding escalation and building an effective and inclusive European security architecture.
  • Paul Ingram appeared on TRT to discucss the Risk of Nuclear War with US atmospheric physicist Brian Toon and SIPRI Director Dan Smith.

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