Joint CSER and CFI team selected as finalist in FLI Worldbuilding Contest

27 May 2022

A joint team from CSER and CFI have been selected as a finalist for the Future of Life's worldbuilding contest.

The team is John Burden, Lara Mani, Jessica Bland, Beba Cibralic, Catherine Richards, Henry Shevlin and Clarissa Rios Rojas. 

Team member John Burden explains "Our submission imagines a future in which an AGI system is distributed throughout the world into clusters known as "Cores" and "Avatars". The primary Core is known as Core Central, which provides oversight and delegates tasks or functions to Regional or specialised Cores. Specialised Cores determine how to best execute (or delegates aspects of) their function, whether that's providing high-quality health care, education, or research, etc. Regional Cores collate information and assign tasks to specialised Cores for application in the local region. The Cores are so closely connected and in constant communcation, the system as a whole blurs the line between the individual and the group. Avatars, on the other hand, function as an interface for humans to interact with the AGI system, appearing humanoid and generally friendly. They appear in society as teachers, doctors, therapists, and even just as companions. Avatars are still connected to Core Central, receiving and sending information updates near constantly, yet they retain more personality and individuality. In our submission we try to imagine a future in which the Core/Avatar system is in place and is broadly beneficial to Humanity. Our imagined world isn't perfect, there are still many problems that need addressing. Yet, AI is helping this world move in the right direction."

Following feedback from the public, the final winners of the contest will be announced on June 15th 2022. 


Read the full submission here

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